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Bob Coury

Managing Director

Bob brings over 30 years of capital market experience to the leadership of Townsend Street Capital. In addition to an extensive background in mergers & acquisitions, business valuation and the capital markets, Bob has founded and built two successful investment banking firms. In 1996, he founded Deloitte’s U.S. investment banking firm which was later registered as a broker dealer with FINRA. The firm which was incorporated and named Deloitte Corporate Finance, LLC and was responsible for all securities transaction in the U.S. from the Deloitte firm. Bob grew this business to over 130 investment bankers located in major cities throughout the U.S. Bob left Deloitte in 2013 and founded Greenwich Capital Group, LLC.


Today, Bob is also the CEO of Greenwich Capital Group which has offices located in Cleveland, Ohio and Birmingham, Michigan and has rapidly grown since its inception. During his career, Bob has worked on and advised over 150 companies. These companies range from some of the largest and most respected public companies to smaller family owned businesses. Bob has earned a strong national reputation as a top deal advisor, a fair but tough negotiator and a builder of high quality businesses. Through his roles at Deloitte Corporate Finance and Greenwich, Bob has recruited thousands of professionals, many of whom have gone onto strong careers at companies located throughout the U.S. In addition, Bob has strong relationships throughout the Midwest with lawyers, wealth managers, commercial bankers, accountants and many other professionals. This extensive network and his reputation provides access to deal opportunities as a well as a “go to” group of professionals to navigate the markets. As a result of his client relationships and his national leadership role and CEO role of a Broker/Dealer, Bob has had the responsibility to communicate and report financial results and other financial reporting to both the governing bodies as well as ownership/partners in his firm.

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